De-clutter and De-Stress: How my Home Affects my Anxiety

“It is by putting one’s own house in order that one’s mind-set is changed”Marie Kondo I must have spent the first four or more CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) sessions I attended for generalised anxiety disorder, discussing the dire state of my house.  Obsessed with the never-ending monotony of tidying away toys, emptying dishwashers, and loading washingContinue reading “De-clutter and De-Stress: How my Home Affects my Anxiety”

How to find your squad as a second-time mum

Ever since Swifty’s Bad Blood music video was released officially featuring her ”squad”, women everywhere have taken the opportunity to praise their own tribe/squad/pack of pals. Photos have been tagged, features have been written and female friendships have been celebrated (and Amen to that). But what about those who are yet to find their tribe,Continue reading “How to find your squad as a second-time mum”

Anxiety & Me: How Self-Care Saved My Sanity

“I can’t do this.”  This thought ran through my head over and over again for years, but particularly the months after the birth of my three amazing babies.  Interspersed with feelings of unparalleled love and deep devotion, came waves of frustration, of being overwhelmed, unable to cope. Then of course came the inevitable exhaustion, irritability andContinue reading “Anxiety & Me: How Self-Care Saved My Sanity”