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The Hypnobirthing Experts online – free live session & hypnobirthing courses from £29.99


The Hypnobirthing Experts offer highly effective, affordable online hypnobirthing - download a course, join live classes or benefit from FREE online, live 'Release Stress & Relax for pregnancy and birth' sessions. We're passionate about helping you create an amazing birth to give your baby the best start in life 🙂 Read More


Suzy Lane – The Baby Expert


Testimonials: Jenny, north London: "Suzy is easy to communicate with, calm, sensitive to our concerns also kind and gentle with our baby girls" Sadie, east London: "Suzy has performed an absolute miracle! In just under 24 hours I came back well rested to see my husband calmly bottle feeding our son. I highly recommend Suzy's feeding service, it's perfect!" Emya, Italy "Suzy tells the truth and it all made sense. It was so much easier than we thought it would be; We've got our life back and our son actually sleeps so well" Read More


Save Your Space – Professional Organising and Decluttering Services


Hello! I'm Leahna, a professional organiser based in Wanstead and founder of Save Your Space. I come to your home to declutter, organise, and provide moving services. I can also source storage and wrap gifts. Properly focusing on your environment even for a few hours can really help when you're based at home, as mums can be. I work from home myself (when not with clients) so understand the need to be organised and the frustration when things slip. Putting systems in place can make a big difference, and you find that keeping on top of things is easier day to day. Read More


Returning to work after a career break


Michelle has over ten years of experience guiding people to the next stage of their career from a new CV to new found confidence. She can help you word your CV to be both impactful whilst maintaining an honest story. Many of her clients have gone on to have successful careers and others have set up their own business. In this workshop you will gain a clear goal, a realistic action plan, and suggestions on how best to word your marketing documents (i.e. your CV and LinkedIn profile) to help get you interviews and ultimately the job you want. Please bring along pen and paper and it can help if you have a CV regardless of how old it is. Don't worry you will not have to share it (unless you want to). Read More