Suzie Shore – Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

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Suzie Shore – Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Hi, I'm Suzie, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach based in Kent and a member of the UK Health Coach Association.

Suzie Healthy Living is my 1-2-1 coaching business, supporting women who have had enough of traditional diets and are looking to make real sustainable changes to their health. My personalised plans focus on making small, achievable changes to your diet and lifestyle, supported by 1-2-1 coaching and meal planning. 

Every plan is designed to be realistic, so it fits in with you and your lifestyle, which ultimately makes it easier for you to succeed. My dietary plans are based on nutritious, whole-foods that tastes great, whilst my meal plans are designed to make it easier for you to implement changes. Coaching is a key element of my packages, working on your mindset, nurturing you through change and helping you tackle obstacles as they arise. 

As a mum of two and someone who has discovered the benefits of healthy living first hand, I'm really passionate about helping other women on their health journey. Some of the areas I can help with are: creating healthy habits, elevating energy levels, managing stress, weight loss and management and optimising health. 

I'd be happy to chat with you on a free 'no-obligation' call.

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