Save Your Space – Professional Organising and Decluttering Services

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Save Your Space – Professional Organising and Decluttering Services

Hello! I'm Leahna, a professional organiser based in Wanstead and founder of Save Your Space. I come to your home to declutter, organise, and provide moving services. I can also source storage and wrap gifts.

Properly focusing on your environment even for a few hours can really help when you're based at home, as mums can be. I work from home myself (when not with clients) so understand the need to be organised and the frustration when things slip. Putting systems in place can make a big difference, and you find that keeping on top of things is easier day to day.

Everyone's family is different, so I ask questions as we go along like 'how often do you use...' and 'do you use all of these?' to make sure that important items are kept in reach. There are no set rules for how things should be, and I use your answers as a guide for where things should go. I do tend to group like things together though, as it's easier to remember (or guess) where things should be this way. I want to make sure that your home works well for you.

I truly enjoy seeing the changes that can happen in a short space of time and the relief and happiness it can bring for clients :)

Originally from Edinburgh, I knit and craft, I'm a board gamer and enjoy a variety of tv and films. I try to do Yoga and Zumba at home too!

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