Katie Angotti Nutrition – mum-to-be, new mamas and weaning support

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Katie Angotti Nutrition – mum-to-be, new mamas and weaning support

Hi! I'm Katie, a Registered Nutritionist and mama of one very active toddler.

I specialise in maternal, infant and child nutrition, and have worked in this field for over 10 years, in the NHS, baby food industry and as a freelance nutritionist.

I love working in this space, supporting pregnant women and new mums to find joy in food, eating and connecting with their bodies - it can be a tough journey, but I really believe that pregnancy can be a great opportunity to redress the balance of food and diet. You don't need to restrict foods or follow diets, and instead I can help you to feel happy in the choices you make.

Weaning, and introducing children to the joy of foods is my absolute favourite area to work in - but as mums we need to focus on ourselves as well. Children follow our lead - how you feel about food and interact with food is watched and copied by your children. So I make it my mission to work with you as a family right from the outset - together we can find a happy place for all of you in learning to eat well together.

I can work 1:1 with you, from pregnancy, and when it comes to introducing your baby to food, I run online workshops. My workshops are practical, combining my professional expertise with real life mummy experience - whether it's purees, BLW, finger foods, allergens, choking, or just getting them to eat SOMETHING, we cover it all, and I will help you feel confident to get going.

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