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Fuel for Mama

Fuel for Mama offers sociable, supportive and friendly hypnobirthing, birth preparation workshops and pregnancy relaxation courses in Hitchin, Baldock, Letchworth, Luton, Stevanage or the surrounding areas.

Fuel for Mama is run by Emma Anderson-Brown, a Hitchin based mum of one. Emma founded Fuel for Mama following her positive birth experience using hypnobirthing. As a result she became determined to spread positivity around birth and help other expectant parents to release fear ahead labour, have the best birth experience possible and meet people in similar situations in order to bolster one another's support networks.

Teaching is offered in person and virtually, as a solution to Covid-19 restrictions and for those not wanting to meet in person. Emma is also happy to come to you, and covers Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London.

Hypnobirthing courses

We offer the full 12 hour KGHypnobirthing course. This hypnobirthing course is split in four sessions, each three hours long. We offer it as four evening sessions or two full days (for example over a weekend or two consecutive weekend days).

Private courses – £325 (includes birth partner if preferred)

Group courses – £195 (includes birth partner if preferred)

Do you have a few pregnant pals and you’d all like to have a more positive birth? Or have you already met other expectant parents and would like someone to run a hypnobirthing course for you? If you have a gang in mind, we will run a course for three couples for £500 or for £600 for four couples. If so, get in contact and we can arrange dates and times that work for your group.

What do our hypnobirthing courses include?

  • A full understanding of the science of labour in depth look at how our bodies are designed to give birth efficiently and comfortably
  • What happens during different stages of labour and during birth
  • Understanding of how the mind and body work together
  • Techniques to reframe how you think about birth and feel positive about it
  • Techniques to release fear and remain calm in pregnancy, birth and parenthood
  • Tools to help you make informed decisions so you can make the right choices for you
  • How birth partners can play and important and helpful role during labour
  • Home practice programme
  • Emma's support until you give birth and in the weeks after

Plus on group courses:

  • The chance to meet like minded people in a similar position who can support you during pregnancy and parenthood
  • A group What’s App chat so you keep in touch with the like minded people you will meet and support each other
  • A reunion meeting once your babies are born

On private courses:

  • A course tailored to your specific circumstances
  • Introductions, if desired and applicable, to other nearby expectant parents

Refresher courses

We also offer refresher courses for parents who have already used hypnobirthing with previous pregnancies but want to be reminded of the core elements of hypnobirthing and prepare for birth. Refresher courses start at £60 for 2 hours, but can be tailored to suit your personal situation and need.

Birth preparation course

This shorter course focuses on the physiology of birth and looks at how to create the optimum environment to give birth. It is designed to energise you so that you feel positive about labour. Our birth preparation course covers:

  • How the uterus works during labour
  • The role of oxytocin
  • The optimum environment to give birth and how to create this
  • The most efficient positions to give birth
  • Understanding the different stages of labour
  • A framework to make informed decisions that are right for you
  • How to get the best from your medical team

This course is taught privately and can be scheduled to suit you. Due to this, we tailor the birth preparation course to you and your specific requirements, which we can discuss in advance. Courses cost £60 and are for 2 hours.

Why choose Fuel for Mama?

Firstly, Fuel for Mama courses prepare you for birth so you to feel calm and confident. Secondly you learn how to make informed decisions which are right for you. We also cover the important role the birth partner plays, so that they are useful and supportive in labour. But finally we connect you with people who are on the same journey, to support one another. Essentially, it’s about giving you the fuel you need to have a confident birth and be an empowered parent.

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