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Debbie Hunt Counselling Psychologist

As busy mums we can all struggle from time to time and sometimes it can get in the way of our daily lives. Have you noticed changes in your life? Are you worrying more than usual and finding it hard to relax? Or have you noticed difficulties with sleeping? Maybe you are feeling sad, low in mood or get cross and irritable more quickly? Do you find it hard to put yourself first or to say no? Is it hard to feel motivated or have you noticed feeling less enjoyment and perhaps you just don’t feel the way you want to? Or do you just feel ‘stuck’? These struggles could be getting in the way of your life or affecting relationships with your partners, children or your friends. If so, these are things I can help you with.
I am a counselling psychologist trained in different specialist therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness based interventions. These approaches can be used to provide you with a ‘toolbox’ of strategies helping you to; feel calmer, sleep better, improve communication, laugh and relax more, be kinder to yourself, boost your self-care, find a better life balance and to make positive changes in your life. I offer online therapy, face to face sessions at my clinic in South Woodford, or outdoor 'walk and talk' therapy which has the added bonus of being outdoors and can be useful for you both physically and emotionally.
Sometimes we need to reach out for support; it can be the best self-care you can give to yourself. So whether you have been living with these difficulties for a long time or whether they are new to you, please do get in touch to arrange a chat or to make an appointment to think about your needs and to see how you could benefit from us working together.

I am registered and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and registered with the British Psychological Society as a chartered counselling psychologist.

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