Birth Boss – antenatal and hypnobirthing classes

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Birth Boss – antenatal and hypnobirthing classes


I'm Ellie, I'm a mama of two and founder of Birth Boss.

Birth Boss provides a full antenatal and hypnobirthing education to pregnant mamas, designed to give you the tools to boss your birth.

If you're anything like me when I was pregnant with my first baby, you might be feeling a little apprehensive, nervous or even downright terrified of giving birth! Don't worry, you're not alone.

This is why Birth Boss is here. 

Through your Birth Boss course you will gain an understanding of:

  • why it is so common for women to feel fearful when it comes to giving birth (it seems obvious but there's actually a little more to it than you first think),
  • how you can overcome that fear by drawing on the power of your mind and gaining confidence in your body's birthing ability,
  • what's going on in your body during every stage of labour,
  • what you can do to support your body doing it's birthing thing,
  • how to utilise tools and techniques to remain calm during labour and birth,
  • what to do if it looks like your birth might be heading in a different direction to that originally envisaged,
  • how to remain the BOSS of your birth by remaining in control of your choices,
  • how to confidently make decisions which are right for you and your baby based on your circumstances 

and much much more!

At Birth Boss we believe it is really important that women feel positive about their birth experience because it sets you up for the best start in motherhood.

It doesn't matter if this is your first baby or fourth baby, or if you are planning to have a water birth at home or an elective caesarean - Birth Boss is here to support you in preparing for the birth you want. 

I promise that after your Birth Boss course, you will be feeling calmer, more positive and way better prepared to take on your birth - perhaps even looking forward to it!

Please get in touch to arrange your free telephone consultation or taster session via zoom.

Email me to find out more or book a course. 

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