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Hello! I’m Leahna, a professional organiser based in Wanstead and founder of Save Your Space.
Properly focusing on your environment even for a few hours can really help when you’re based at home, as mums can be. I work from home myself (when not seeing clients) so understand the need to be organised and the frustration when things slip. Putting systems in place can make a big difference, and you find that keeping on top of things is easier day to day.
I truly enjoy seeing the changes that can happen in a short space of time and the relief and happiness it can bring for clients!

I’m from Edinburgh, and enjoy knitting, crafts and board gaming. Originally I trained as a doctor, and though I enjoyed seeing and talking with patients (I wanted to be a GP) it wasn’t really right for me and didn’t satisfy my creative side. I then went off to study Textiles at Manchester School of Art. Now, I work from home designing prints and taking care of my organising business.

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