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Reflexology & Reiki Treatments


I am a qualified Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner and I offer foot and  facial reflexology and Reiki treatments. I belong to The Association of Reflexologists . I am also very interested in the therapeutic  properties of crystals and I am hoping to offer crystal healing treatments very soon although once I finish the last level of the course I have embarked on. Read More

AM Pilates London


Hi - I run Pre and Post Natal Pilates classes and also 1-1 and 2-1 private Pilates sessions.  I teach on the apparatus (reformer, tower, chair) as well as the mat.  My class sizes are small (max 3) which means that each client receives individual care to ensure they are performing the exercises safely and correctly in order to get the maximum benefit.  The studio is on Tavistock Road in South Woodford.  Please take a look at my website for more information and to sign up to my mailing list to hear about new class times and availability.  Classes cost £17-20 and private tuition starts at £50ph.  thanks. Alex x Read More


Save Your Space – Professional Organising and Decluttering Services


Hello! I'm Leahna, a professional organiser based in Wanstead and founder of Save Your Space. I come to your home to declutter, organise, and provide moving services. I can also source storage and wrap gifts. Properly focusing on your environment even for a few hours can really help when you're based at home, as mums can be. I work from home myself (when not with clients) so understand the need to be organised and the frustration when things slip. Putting systems in place can make a big difference, and you find that keeping on top of things is easier day to day. Read More

Organic Skin Care Products Workshop


I have created two workshops to show you how to easily make beautiful organic skin care products. There is a beginner's course and a longer course that covers 7 products. We'll look at how nourishing products can be and how simple they can be to make.  Part of this course is to demonstrate how to start to reduce the use of plastics and nasty chemicals. We will look at how to gift wrap using recycled and natural materials so you can give professionally wrapped gifts.  Part of the joy is creating and making with a friendly group as the environment is great for exchanging ideas and experiences.  We will break for drinks.  During the beginner's workshop we will make soap, a daily moisturiser and deodorant. During the advanced workshop, we will make soap, face and body treatment scrub, therapeutic bath salts, moisturiser, face serum, lip balm and deodorant.  When all the products are made, we will start looking at ways we can wrap these to gift,  add further eco friendly gifts and encourage further re-using of containers. These workshops could also be the ideal gift for your friends, parties or for anyone trying to find a healthier and more sustainable… Read More