The Poppy by Sarah Haran – The Perfect Bag for Busy Mums!

AD/PR – Much like my super comfy maternity jeans, I had been holding onto my beloved Tiba & Marl rucksack way too long, beyond the baby years. But as I returned to work and started travelling into London more, I wanted to find a bag that was smart enough to convince my colleagues I meant business, whilst also being mega functional, and just as comfortable as my much-loved nappy bag.

Step forward the Poppy Bag by Sarah Haran.

The Poppy is a 4-in-1 leather Backpack Tote that is not only super stylish but also the most organised and functional bag I have ever found. The bag can be worn four ways – as a backpack, over the arm, shoulder bag or cross body. But not only that! It has an amazing number of pockets (I love a pocket!) where you can safely keep your phone, makeup, wallet, papers, books and more. It even has a water bottle pocket and a key chain, so you can wave goodbye to those frustrating few minutes each day ferreting around for your car or house keys!

The bag has been a life saver on my work trips to London as it comfortably fits my laptop plus all my extra bits, which I can carry on my back saving my sore shoulders. On my days with the kids The Poppy easily has room for numerous snacks and wipes, and on the two times I have been out in 2020 *sigh* I have loved using the removable clutch and an evening bag. Just pop it off the front and add the key chain from inside the bag as a strap – genius!

I chose a classic black but the bag comes in four different colours – black, tan, cranberry and grey – and you can choose silver or gold for your hardware as well as swap and change your accessories including your tassels and straps.

This bag is without doubt an investment, but I can never envisage a time when it will fade out of fashion. The quality is so good it will last a lifetime – it even withstood a full pelting of hot chocolate courtesy of my three year without damaging the inside lining (yes, I did nearly cry).

The perfect Christmas gift to add to your list or as a well-deserved gift to yourself. You can check out the full range at and get a whooping 20% off with the code CALMMAMAS20.

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