Five Minutes With…Katie Keltie, Founder of Yoga Shapes with Kate

What is a typical day for Kate? 

My day involves trying to keep my two year old son entertained and not missing family and friends too much. He loves being outdoors and we’re lucky we have a garden so we spend time gardening. We also explore the local area by walking our black lab, Poppy. Most probably way too much screen time in-between! Paw Patrol, Peppa and Peter Rabbit are all firm favourites. Any spare time I do get I like to join online yoga classes, there are so many great options at the moment. 

I would love to know what inspired you to become a yoga teacher? 

I quit my full time sales job last year, to spend more time with my son Lewis. I found yoga through injury (degenerative disc disease) and found it was the only thing that helped my recovery and preventing it from returning. I qualified in February 2020 with Yoga London; I was teaching cover classes locally however, much of my teaching has been online due to the lockdown. I offer free live classes on Instagram every Tuesday (1pm) and Sunday (8pm). 

What are your top tips for incorporating Yoga into life when you’re a busy mum? 

I find that Lewis loves getting involved with Yoga, so we often try practice together, he has a mean downward dog. My daily practice is often just grabbing ten minutes here and there. 

What do you believe are the main benefits of yoga? 

For me, Yoga saved my recurring injury, I also found I was shallow breathing and on high alert too much. Yoga helped me to breathe deeply reducing my stress and anxiety. I used to think Yoga was dull and not a real workout but I’ve never been more healthy and strong. It’s a workout for your whole physical body as well as your mind. I believe it’s just as important to take care of your mind especially in current scary times. 

What tools do you have in your self-care toolkit? 

I believe self-care is vital and taking time to myself actually makes me a better parent. Even if it’s just managing to finish a brew still warm, taking a hot bath or doing some yoga. I love lying down with my legs up the wall, it helps my circulation and eases my back. 

Name an account that inspires you on Instagram? 

I love @deliciouslyella I listen to the podcast every week and find it’s so relevant 

Happiness is… 

Food and drink is definitely the way to my heart! Wine and roast dinner with the family is my fav.

To find out more about Katie and her classes you can find her on the Calm Mamas Club Wellbeing Directory here.

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