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NEOM Organics has been on my radar for a while, but it wasn’t until I started Calm Mamas Club and discovered the divine scent of their De-Stress candle that I became hooked. I burnt this candle at my very first event and I just adore it. So as soon as they released their Wellbeing Pod it shot to the very top of my birthday list and thankfully I dropped enough hints.

When renovating our house I was keen for our bedroom to become a sanctuary where I can read, rest and relax, so the pod fits into this space perfectly. During the day when I’m sorting out laundry (hiding from the kids) my favourite scents are either De-Stress or Boost Your Energy, which has a gorgeous lemony scent. Then at night we switch to Sleep, which smells more traditionally of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser & Essential Oil Blends Collection

Not only does the Wellbeing Pod look stylish and discreet, it is also super simple to use. In fact even a sleep deprived mum of three can manage it! But what I love most is the option to set a timer, which means you can leave it running breathing in the calming oils and slip off into a deep slumber without worrying you’re going to burn the house down. The only slight down side is having to remember to empty the pod and not let the water and oils sit for too long, as this will cause damage that won’t be covered by the warranty. However I can imagine this will be the case no matter what brand of oil diffuser you use, and this is definitely a reflection of my forgetful memory than a criticism of the device itself.

To be honest this is the first oil diffuser I have used so I am unable to write a review comparatively, however I do love the NEOM Organics collection and the Wellbeing Pod certainly doesn’t disappoint. Put simply, it is a great investment piece that I use daily. In fact I can’t wait to fire it up for bedtime now.

You can purchase the Wellbeing Pod and browse the full NEOM Organics collection at

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